At digmyearth LLC, we believe that taking care of the earth is a shared responsibility. Our mission is to provide a venue for yard waste recycling by local municipalities and townships as well as a retail site for the throughput of compost and other earth products.  

Compost is not free, it may be purchased.  

In 1995 Organic Endeavors was founded to process leaves into compost. The company partnered with Susquehanna Township to obtain their yard waste material. The material was then recycled through a composting process and sold as a retail product. In 2017, Jil Strang purchased the business and changed the name to dig my earth.   The facility maintains its relationship with Susquehanna Township today.  We are a DEP approved site.

Our team is comprised of friendly and knowledgeable professionals anxious to provide you with products and guidance on all of your earth product needs. We received training and education on composting at Penn State University.